Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Optimum Support

The no-flip REM-Fit Sleep 400 Memory Foam Mattress provides cool comfort, pressure relief and motion separation with three distinct layers of gel-infused Adaptive Foam nimble Responsive Foam and sturdy Support Foam. It flexes with the body’s contours, prevents sinking into the mattress and controls unwanted bounce.

Topped with Re-Ax Unleashed fabric, Tencel botanical fibers woven in the Hi-Flow Knit pattern, the mattress’s soft surface responds to changes in body temperature by quickly dissipating heat. Contour Fit provides free range of motion with four-way stretching properties. Designed for the ultimate sleep recovery, this memory foam mattress features a hypoallergenic design that inhibits the growth of bacteria and actively wicks away skin moisture, encouraging a drier, healthier and more comfortable bed.

Designed for reliability, this mattress is durability-tested with a 350-pound roller through 250,000 cycles. The REM-Fit Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is backed by a 25-year warranty, so you can count on decades of sound sleep.

The REM-Fit Sleep 400 12-inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Bed Features:

  • 3 layers of memory foam for cool comfort, pressure relief and motion separation
  • Cooling gel-infused layer mattress disperses away body heat
  • Provides ample back support without sinking, perfect for larger body types
  • Premium Hi-Flow Knit top fabric delivers flexibility, airflow and moisture wicking
  • No flip-design means you never have to turn it over
  • Built to disperse weight and provide soft, adaptive support
  • Features Tencel botanical fiber
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • 25-year warranty

Multi-layer memory foam construction includes:

  • 2-inches of Adaptive Foam – Cool and comfortable, this foam is infused with gel that disperses heat and regulates sleep temperature
  • 2-inches of Response Foam – Perfect for multi-position and restless sleepers, this foam mattress layer reacts quickly to changes, ensuring optimum support for any position
  • 7.5-inches of Support Foam – The base of the mattress provides motion isolation and prevents sinking into the mattress

Premium mattress fabric:

  • Re-Ax Unleashed with Hi-Flow Knit features Tencel botanical fibers to disperse heat and moisture, ensuring comfortable conditions throughout the night
  • Ventilated Side Mesh is designed to optimize mattress breathability, allowing air to flow easily both into and out of the mattress
  • Contour Fit uses a 4-way stretch to flex and adjust to your body, offering free





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