Outdoor lounging just got a lot more comfortable


You think it’s colourful out there? Well, you’ve seen nothing yet. The fabulous range of nine outdoor beanbag colours is going to take your eyeballs to pigment nirvana! From Lime to Berry, from Orange to Aqua, whatever the occasion, wherever you’re going, the Outdoor B-bag is making a colour splash. This gorgeous piece of furniture is incredibly versatile and gives maximum comfort in the great outdoors, whether it be on a picnic at the park, at the beach, or just relaxing in the sun your garden at home. Made from a super tough, waterproof outdoor fabric, the Might B beanbag is like a breath of fresh air, outdoor lounging just got a whole lot more comfortable.

Its available in 9 truly great colours, and comes in its own carry bag, making it easy for you to move about and keep it protected, if its not in use.

Dimensions: Width 99cm, Length 80cm, Height 94cm 

Collections: Beanbags, JTS, Sofas

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