Embrace the natural world and love your environment.

Sleeping on a Harrison bed is more than a luxury, it’s a lifestyle choice. Through the changing seasons, natural fillings are the most effective and environmentally friendly way to experience luxurious comfort and exceptional support.

From home-grown British wool to the finest Egyptian cotton, mohair and cashmere, the natural fibres used in a Harrison mattress provide sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable comfort layers.

Our dedication to crafting beautiful beds extends beyond the manufacturing process to establishing our own farm, where we rear sheep for British wool. We also grow hemp, an environmentally friendly fibre that makes a strong and absorbent mattress filling.

Affiliated to the British Wool Marketing Board, Harrison is proud to champion British wool and to support His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales in his campaign to promote awareness of the unique, natural and sustainable benefits of wool, which is leading to an increased demand for British farmed wool.

All of these elements and a rich heritage of traditional artisan skills, combine to make Harrison the clear choice for natural, environmentally friendly British craftsmanship.



Natural Fillings. The BenefitsA Harrison mattress takes comfort from nature to deliver a healthier sleeping environment.

Home-grown fillings, such as British wool and hemp from the Harrison farm, are blended with the finest natural fibres, from sumptuous silk and Egyptian cotton to soft strands of cashmere and mohair wool. Naturally supple and flexible, these fillings are also strong and durable, providing full support throughout the life of your mattress.

The right choice for you

Soft and springy, wool is a wonderful insulator, helping you to keep warm and dry in bed. Crisp, cool cotton is light and absorbent, hemp is resilient and provides excellent levels of comfort, whilst silk is soft and yet one of the strongest natural fibres there is.

Naturally supple and flexible, these fillings are also strong and durable, providing full support throughout the lifetime of your mattress.

The right choice for the environment

Sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable, natural fillings are the best choice for the environmentally conscious.

By sourcing British wool and home-grown hemp on its Yorkshire farm, Harrison significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. Cultivated without the use of pesticides, hemp has a particularly rapid carbon dioxide uptake, helping to fight the effects of climate change.

All of our fillings are carefully sourced to meet the rigorous standards of the Harrison brand.

Our FarmWhere traditional farming heritage meets the best in British manufacturing

In choosing a Harrison bed you are not only showing an appreciation for handmade quality but also a commitment to sustainability and the natural environment.

Sourcing mattress fillings from wool and hemp grown on the Harrison farm and other local farms guarantees complete product integrity and the highest standards of quality control, whilst its location only 20 miles from our factory helps to keep our carbon footprint down.

Harrison wool

Situated in the heart of the peaceful Yorkshire countryside, the Harrison farm is home to flocks of Texel, Leicester, Suffolk and Swaledale sheep, which yield pure-grade wool, perfect for mattress technology. Although not fully self-sufficient we endeavour to source wool from the other local Yorkshire farms as well as from the Harrison farm. Hardwearing, sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable, this wool is thicker, stronger and more resilient than most other types of wool.

Environmentally friendly Hempure

The rich soil of the farm’s arable land is perfect for growing a variety of sustainable traditional crops, such as hemp and flax. These fast-growing plants are highly effective at absorbing carbon dioxide and can be cultivated without the need for pesticides. The soft yet resilient non-woven fibres from these crops are blended into Hempure, a durable and environmentally friendly mattress filling.

Loving the landscape

The Harrison farm has a unique heritage reaching back as far as Roman times. Nestling in 300-acres of land, the farm is surrounded by protected hedgerows, woodland, riverbanks and pastures. A home to a myriad of species of flora and fauna.

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