The Lynton Knuckle Riser Recliner Chair is made by Sherborne Uphostery. It will Stand you up, sit you down, it will even put your feet

up for you while you watch TV! All at the touch of a button.

The seat and backrest are wonderfully soft, yet fully supportive. The useful wings, chaise seating and a welcoming fibre-filled back cushion make this chair a very popular choice. To compliment the attractive scroll arms are beautiful polished beech knuckles, these

can also be useful when getting in and out of the chair. 

Available with a single motor recliner chair action as standard, or the deluxe dual motor recliner chair action which allows you to operate the footrest and backrest totally independently. Both options have the power-lift facility.

For more information please contact our sales team on 01481 720121. 

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