Seasons change – and so can your mattress…

One thing you can rely on is the changing seasons, so why not choose a mattress that will provide the same comfort through the warmer months as it does through chillier times – all in a simple turn. 

Seasonal turn mattresses combine our innovative Revolution spring systems and natural, breathable layers of high quality fillings with the option of two different sleeping surfaces. Hand built by our master craftsmen using techniques refined over many years, a seasonal turn bed allows you to sleep soundly in temperature-regulated comfort, whatever the season.

During the winter, the mattress warmside has a wool blend closest to the sleeping surface to keep you snug and warm. And in the summertime, the cotton coolside will keep you fresh and dry when the nights become warmer. Whichever side you are sleeping on, the antibacterial mattress fabric will provide a barrier to dust mites and other undesirable allergens, helping to keep your airways clear so that you can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Every seasonal turn bed can be ordered to your preferred height, width, length and firmness, and customised with the headboard, frame, storage and fabric of your choice. Because the options are extensive, we recommend that you visit our full Harrison range.


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