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Investing in a good night’s sleep is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Restful sleep is a precious commodity, bringing a raft of benefits to your health and wellbeing, from boosting your immune system and promoting brain function to relieving stress. Tailored to your personal sleeping preferences and hand built to your specifications by our master bed builders, a Harrison mattress is designed to give you the best sleep of your life.

British values - Championing British values and with a heritage stretching back more than a century, Harrison offers exceptionally high standards of craftsmanship along with unrivalled comfort and support.

Innovative pocket springs - A passion for innovation has led to the development of award-winning pocket spring systems that respond to individual body weight to provide superior support and relieve pressure points, all of which contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Care for the environment - The finest natural fillings wick away moisture, repel allergens and allow air to circulate. Our commitment to the environment is seen in our investment in the Harrison farm, located in the Yorkshire countryside close to our manufacturing site.

Design your dream bed - Don’t just take our word for it. Go in store and experience the quality of a Harrison bed for yourself. Try out the mattresses and get professional advice from the experts. Design your dream bed down to the last detail – from the spring system and the fillings to the storage options and the headboard style – and let us build it for you.


At the heart of every Harrison bed lies a range of spring systems, uniquely designed to provide the latest word in spring technology

The advanced spring systems by Harrison respond precisely to you and your partner’s individual weight and sleeping patterns. Developed by a skilled team of artisan bed makers and technicians, the springs offer support where it’s needed, reducing uncomfortable pressure points that cause tossing and turning and preventing roll together. Because the springs are multi-tiered and work independently of each other, they provide more targeted support, dissipating the sleeper’s weight and keeping the fillings in place while allowing air to circulate.

Harrison’s award-winning Revolution spring system features an innovative "spring within a spring" design, strengthening the support over the lifetime of the bed, whilst layers of Posturfil and HD mini pocket springs provide perfect spinal alignment. The result? You’ll enjoy a sound, supported sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

1 - Revolution

This award winning “spring within a spring” design can only be found in Harrison Beds. Inside each evenly positioned pocket coil, is a second, smaller one that settles at the base of the outer spring providing additional support when more pressure is applied. This unique spring has a soft, comfortable feel that responds to variable pressures and halves the workload ensuring the system continues to support you properly for the lifetime of the bed.

2 - Posturfil

As the name suggests, Posturfil is a mini pocket spring system, which offers support to the natural arch of the lumbar region. It is a cross between a spring and a filling and is a superior, recyclable alternative to polyurethane foam used in many other mattresses. As the spring is under tension within the pocket, it will never lose height and is an important element of retaining the loft of the mattress. As well as working with your body shape, the Posturfil mini spring system helps to reduce settlement of the natural fillings in your mattress, so they continue to offer breathability and comfortable support throughout the lifetime of the mattress.

3 - HD

The world’s first pressure-relieving pocket spring provides sumptuous comfort and exceptional support. Each time you change position, the multi-tiered high-density pocket springs will yield to accommodate your shifting weight and the contours of your body.
As with Posturfil, the carefully designed arrangement of the HD spring layers will minimise the settlement of the mattress fillings. Because they are even smaller than Posturfil springs, HD springs can be used in multiple layers for even more targeted support.

What could be more important than your health and wellbeing?

How well you sleep at night has a direct impact on how you feel during your waking hours. Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep and spend the day feeling tired and stressed. The good news is there is no need to suffer the symptoms of disturbed sleep.

Over six generations, we have dedicated our time and resources to developing a range of features that will improve the quality of your sleeping environment. Working alongside our naturally supportive mattress fillings and innovative spring technology, these features will help you to wake feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Warmside/Coolside Technology

Natural fibres that help to regulate your temperature promote a more restful sleep and cut down on tossing and turning. Every natural, seasonal turn mattress from Harrison has winter warming wool blends on one sleeping surface and cool summer cotton blends on the other. Turn your mattress twice a year to suit the seasons.

HD Airflow

Good airflow through your mattress is essential to prevent overheating, keeping you cool as you sleep. A layer of HD Airflow springs next to the sleeping surfaces adds breathability to your mattress. Cool air is directed into your mattress through the perforated pockets encasing the springs. As you shift position, these act as a bellow, promoting air circulation through the natural fillings.


Sensitivity to allergens, from bacteria to dust mites, can cause inflamed airways and ruin a good night’s sleep. Purotex is an exciting green technology designed to create a healthier sleeping environment. The damask cover of your mattress is finished with a natural probiotic microflora that neutralises allergens and suppresses bad bacteria, allowing you to breathe and sleep more deeply.


The trouble with dust mites is that they love the warm, humid, dark environment of your bed – and they feast on human skin. Dust mite allergies can lead to itchy eyes, nose and throat, as well as congestion, coughing and other unpleasant symptoms that disturb your sleep. Amicor is an anti-microbial fibre, which prohibits the growth of bacteria, helping to break the lifecycle of the dust mite. It also prevents odours and keeps your mattress free, clean and allergen free.

For quality craftsmanship, the finest natural fillings and beautiful tailoring – choose Harrison

A good night’s sleep doesn’t happen by accident. Every Harrison bed is bespoke; carefully designed to your requirements, using time-honoured traditional techniques, the best in British craftsmanship and superlative attention to detail. A family-run firm that has been delivering handmade quality craftsmanship for six generations, the Harrison name is synonymous with quality.At Harrison we value excellence, from the natural sumptuous support of the mattress fillings to the innovative design and our award-winning spring systems. All of these things combine to provide the best sleeping environment for you. With 100 years of expertise built in, your Harrison bed will look stylish, provide the ultimate in support and comfort and stand the test of time.

Side stitching

Mattresses packed with several layers of upholstery benefit from up to four rows of side stitching. Vents set into the border increase airflow through your mattress, improving breathability and ensuring that you and your mattress remain cool and dry.

Hand Finishing

Sumptuous natural fillings are hand teased or blended and layered upon the springs to provide a yielding comfortable support. These layers of upholstery are held in place with tufts and then secured to the border by the tape edge. A soft damask cover is used to encase the mattress, providing a luxurious sleeping surface and helping to wick away moisture as you sleep.
At Harrison we understand that there are no shortcuts to quality. This is why every mattress, divan, headboard and bedframe is carefully hand finished by our team of artisan builders.

Our Guarantee

Because we have full confidence in every bed that leaves our factory, we offer a 10-year warranty on our products. Should you have any concerns that arise after purchasing your Harrison bed, you can take advantage of our Bed Doctor service through your retailer, whereby a member of our experienced team will visit you in your home and resolve any issues.