Our delivery procedure

The estimated delivery time we give you is based on the latest information our suppliers make available to us. Unfortunately, the dates are approximate only and can be subject to changes which are beyond our control. At Ideal Furnishings we aim to keep you informed of any likely delays and will contact you with any information we receive from our suppliers. We also re-confirm delivery on every order with the supplier the week before it is due to be delivered to us and will let you know of any changes to its due date. Please do not arrange to have any existing furniture removed until we have confirmed to you that your new order has arrived ...we would hate you to be left with nothing to sit on!

When your goods arrive in our warehouse, our Customer Service Department will contact you by phone and/or email with a delivery date. Should you be unable to accept delivery on that day, please contact us immediately to re-arrange. We ask that you accept delivery as soon as possible and no later than 28 days after your furniture arrives with us.

On the specified delivery day, the delivery team will contact you by telephone to indicate an approximate delivery time. Unfortunately, due to route planning and unforeseen local conditions, we cannot give specific delivery times. Our delivery policy is to deliver to the door only. However, to assist our customers with bulky items, we will take goods inside on request but cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused. If this service is required, in order to reduce the risk of accidental damage, we ask that you prepare for delivery by removing all your pictures, ornaments and other furniture which could obstruct the entry point or are valuable to you. This will make our job easier and avoid the likelihood of breakages.

The delivery team will unwrap and remove the packaging from the goods if you so wish. Please take this opportunity to check the goods thoroughly. Finally, you will be asked to sign a satisfaction note before our delivery team leaves.

Will it fit?

Customers have often been disappointed to discover on delivery that the furniture they have ordered is too big for their house. If you have ordered large pieces, you can help by checking the sizes of your chosen furniture and the dimensions of your home to ensure that the items will fit. Check that doorways, hallways and stairwells are big enough to fit the furniture through. Don’t forget you can remove doors and windows that could restrict access to your property prior to our delivery team arriving. If you think there could be a problem - inform us immediately.