Our Story

When Brennan Langlois the furniture store in the Bordage, St Peter Port closed its doors in July 2004 after the property was sold when its owners Courts Plc. the largest furniture retailer in the UK was going into receivership.

Jacqui Argo the Store Manager at the time and all her wonderful staff lost their jobs. Some of whom had worked there for 50 years.
Fortunately all the workers quickly found new employment elsewhere, a testament to their expertise.

Jacqui found employment as a Store Manager in a high street card shop. Unhappy in her new role, her aircraft engineer husband Steve, (a bit of a dreamer) persuaded Jacqui they should try to rent the old Brennan Langlois store and start their own furniture business.

The owner of the property eventually agreed to rent them the 26,000 square foot property on a short 3 year lease. In December 2004 and Ideal Furnishings was born.

Now they needed to get out and buy display stock and with the backing of their bank manager Phil Hepworth they were off to the annual January 4-day furniture trade show in Birmingham.

Not yet though.

The Friday before the trade show began that weekend in January the lease still had not been signed. Which meant they would not be able to go to Birmingham and it looked like their dream of going into business would be short lived.

If they could not get to Birmingham with a signed lease there would be no Ideal Furnishings.

Thanks to their dear friend and advocate Richard Ogier, sadly deceased, who worked late into that Friday evening. The lease was signed and they were able to go and buy their stock.

With their shop fully staffed and the new furniture on display Ideal Furnishings opened for business on Friday 8th April 2005. Two years later they persuaded their landlord to sell the property to them which gave them the security they needed to continue to improve and grow the business.

They have made many improvements but still there is a great deal to do, but they're getting there slowly.

With the help of their dedicated staff they have navigated the recession and continue to invest and improve the company.

With the addition in 2010 of the Ideal Nursery department by their daughter Fiona, and the most recent addition our ecommerce site by their son Alex.

So after 14 years Steve and Jacqui are looking to the future with cautious optimism and look forward to a brighter future for all in Guernsey, and an end to the constant noise about Brexit.

Steve and Jacqui would like to thank all who have supported them over the last 14 years and look forward to continuing to help our regular and new customers in the future.