There has been a tendency over recent years for the furniture market to be dominated by products manufactured in other counties, particularly the Far East. Often is means that there is very little flexibility when choosing the right furniture for your home. We believe that it is important to be able to offer something different from just standard products. Although you can chose from the models laid out in our different ranges, we believe that you should be able to tailor your furniture to exactly meet your specific style, colour or size. For this reason we offer you a selection of colours, handles and fabrics as standard.

In addition we encourage you to choose your own colour to perfectly match your home. Your new dining chairs can be upholstered in your own fabric too and we are always please to fit your own handles to your new cabinet should you wish to do so.

Standard sizes don't work? Then let us adapt a piece to fit. Simple size modifications are usually very straight-forward and probably won't cost as much as you might think.

Need something made to your own specification? Let your skilled craftsmen make it for you.

Alex Argo
Alex Argo