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Clutter is the bane of every homeowner’s existence. No matter how tidy you endeavour to be, everyone has that one closet or drawer stuffed to with weird and random objects. And eventually that closet or drawer is bound to get so stuffed that there’s no other option but to leave bits and bobs all over the house instead. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

We may have more possessions than ever before, but we also have more innovation than ever before too. Here are just a few ways to upgrade your storage and eliminate clutter once and for all. And no, you don’t need to throw everything in the bin…

Hidden Storage

We all know that items like sideboards, display cabinets, and kitchen cupboards are built for storage and pretty much nothing else. But have you ever considered that your footstool could double up as a handy storage box too? Think about it; it’s a fairly large, hollow box that only ever holds up a light weight (your feet). We have a couple of excellent storage footstools in our furniture collection; simply lift up the top and hide those newspapers, spare remotes, or whatever else tickles your fancy inside our Amour Storage Footstool cost £269

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Cabinet Cool

While innovative storage furniture is great, a good old fashioned display cabinet or sideboard gets the job done every time. That doesn’t mean a storage unit can’t be ultra stylish, however. Pair function and fashion and make your ‘boring’ furniture items a talking point in your home. Whether it’s edgy glass and metal, warm natural wood, or chic sophistication you’re trying to achieve, choose pieces with eye-catching, unique designs rather than your standard rectangular bookcase. All you need after that is the funky books and accessories to put in them!

We have selected the Conran Pelham Alcove Shelving Unit  cost £539

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Use Your Accessories

 Funky metallic vases, cups or even candle holders make great homes for pens and stationery. Wicker or straw baskets add texture and interest to a decor scheme and are fantastic for keeping extra throws or cushions looking neat and tidy. There are endless ways to spice up your storage using cheap and cheerful accessories. Basically if it’s hollow, you can put something in it! Just make sure not to go overboard and add to the clutter even more. Choose a few key pieces that suit both your style and storage needs.

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De clutter your bedroom

As living spaces get smaller, clutter can become even more overwhelming. You may not realise it, but it can take its toll on you mentally.

It’s often said that you should find a space for everything, but as you look around your home you may wonder where you’ll fit everything you want to keep. Thankfully, storage options are getting more efficient and sometimes even serving dual purposes.

As we have been discussing their have been some of the clever storage options that are available right now. We particularly like the Jutzler Swiss made wardrobes, which let you design your own storage solution, and beds that double as ample storage space. A number of storage options are outlined in our instore video, covering rooms all around the house and a variety of different needs. So please pop in and take a look at the home storage solutions video fromIdeal Furnishings, and if you have any additional questions or you’d like to browse our other storage furniture available..

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Alex Argo
Alex Argo