January 29, 2019

The BIG SALE is still on

Our BIG SALE is in full swing so don't worry you still have time to pick up some fantastic deals. Discounts can be found in all of our departments, making it easier for you to begin to make your dream home reality. 

For example, the Celebrity Finsbury sofa has reclining functionality, fabric upholstery and foam seating. The Ruby is another marvellous addition as it makes excellent use of the space for smaller rooms, while also allowing you to either curl up or stretch out.

Moving into the dining room, the Derby extending table and Remini are built for the modern home. Ideal for adding extra seating, the tables also feature sleek finishes made up of only the best materials. When it comes to bedroom furniture, we have you covered there too. The Carmen is an elegant option whose sleigh bed oak style has a lavish boudoir appeal. The high gloss Mila range is available in a wide range of finishes and sizes, making it suitable for any room in your home.

You’ll also need a mattress for that new bed; the Kaymed Therma-Phase and Relyon mattresses couldn’t be more suitable, with endless sleep benefits found in both. 

To save big and design a home you’ll love, pop into Ideal Furnishings where dream homes become reality or visit our online store  before the BIG SALE ends!



February 20, 2018


There has been a tendency over recent years for the furniture market to be dominated by products manufactured in other counties, particularly the Far East. Often is means that there is very little flexibility when choosing the right furniture for your home. We believe that it is important to be able to offer something different from just standard products. Although you can chose from the models laid out in our different ranges, we believe that you should be able to tailor your furniture to exactly meet your specific style, colour or size. For this reason we offer you a selection of colours, handles and fabrics as standard.

In addition we encourage you to choose your own colour to perfectly match your home. Your new dining chairs can be upholstered in your own fabric too and we are always please to fit your own handles to your new cabinet should you wish to do so.

Standard sizes don't work? Then let us adapt a piece to fit. Simple size modifications are usually very straight-forward and probably won't cost as much as you might think.

Need something made to your own specification? Let your skilled craftsmen make it for you.

June 16, 2017

Buy British Furniture

The referendum split the UK down the middle, but one positive outcome has been the new focus on British trade and the exciting possibilities ahead. Here are some of the many reasons to buy British.

1. Keeping skills alive

Every time you buy British goods made by talented workers in this country, you are not just keeping British people in jobs but also helping to keep skills alive.

Many of these skills have been handed down from one generation to the next. A company such as Andrena, for instance, employs a hand-picked roster of dedicated master Cabinet makers from Long Eaton. For them, the job is a passion as well as a profession.

2. Great service

If everything is sourced and made in the UK, companies can double and triple-check to make sure that all stages of the service run like clockwork and that everything meets the high-level British safety standard. If anything goes wrong in the process, it is much easier to redress.

3. Quality

Globalisation has provided some amazing opportunities, but it has also changed the mentality of many businesses.

The philosophy has become about making as many goods in as short a time as possible. Many of these goods may be of shoddy quality. There is also a growing ennui with the idea of endless consumerism.

People are adopting a “less is more ethos” and are happy to buy something that’s beautiful but slightly more expensive if it will last longer.


The timber in its raw format.

 4. Carbon footprint 

The UK faces a huge energy challenge. It’s easy to forget the high levels of carbon emissions that come from transport. Buying goods and services created in this country can help to protect the environment for future generations. There are those who claim they don’t notice any change in our climate, but our grandchildren certainly will notice our devastating legacy if we don’t do something now.

5. Clear conscience

By buying in the UK, you don’t have to worry about ethical sourcing. For instance, Ross Fabrics a UK-based company, which creates an extensive range of exclusive quality furnishing fabrics.

Ross Fabrics applies the minimum wage and maintains the high standard of working conditions you’d expect from a British company.

You can’t always be sure what worker hardships have been endured when you buy products from companies that operate cheaply abroad.

6. Knock-on effect

If you choose to buy British-made products you will influence others to do the same. One of the biggest problems holding back a resurgence in UK manufacturing has been a skills shortage.

This is starting to change now that there is rising demand for goods with a “Made in Britain” label. Where once this was seen as a warning sign for shoppers, it is increasingly perceived as a promise of quality.


The rough timber is cut to length in the mill. It is then passed through the Moulding machine which cuts the profile and planes the faces.

7. Creating communities

People have a deep emotional connection with the word “local”. Positive terms such as “quality”, “trustworthy” and “authentic” spring to mind when you think of companies with grass roots in your area.

It’s nice to think of Kenneth and Marina who started Andrena in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire 1973 determined to make pleasing and high quality furniture to last a lifetime.

Three generations of the Andrena family currently work across all areas of marketing, sales and production and they are proud to be continuing their original concept of an all-British manufacturing process combining traditional manufacturing methods with modern technology to produce furniture that is both attractive and functional.


The planks are then glued together using a Polyurethane glue before being placed in the Cramps. We use this glue as it forms a very strong bond and it expands to fill any slight gaps there may be in the joint.


The top is cut and sanded to shape before being lacquered and waxed.






November 16, 2016

Eradicate Clutter with Our Home Storage Secrets

Clutter is the bane of every homeowner’s existence. No matter how tidy you endeavour to be, everyone has that one closet or drawer stuffed to with weird and random objects. And eventually that closet or drawer is bound to get so stuffed that there’s no other option but to leave bits and bobs all over the house instead. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

We may have more possessions than ever before, but we also have more innovation than ever before too. Here are just a few ways to upgrade your storage and eliminate clutter once and for all. And no, you don’t need to throw everything in the bin…

Hidden Storage

We all know that items like sideboards, display cabinets, and kitchen cupboards are built for storage and pretty much nothing else. But have you ever considered that your footstool could double up as a handy storage box too? Think about it; it’s a fairly large, hollow box that only ever holds up a light weight (your feet). We have a couple of excellent storage footstools in our furniture collection; simply lift up the top and hide those newspapers, spare remotes, or whatever else tickles your fancy inside our Amour Storage Footstool cost £269

Image result for dexter footstool

Cabinet Cool

While innovative storage furniture is great, a good old fashioned display cabinet or sideboard gets the job done every time. That doesn’t mean a storage unit can’t be ultra stylish, however. Pair function and fashion and make your ‘boring’ furniture items a talking point in your home. Whether it’s edgy glass and metal, warm natural wood, or chic sophistication you’re trying to achieve, choose pieces with eye-catching, unique designs rather than your standard rectangular bookcase. All you need after that is the funky books and accessories to put in them!

We have selected the Conran Pelham Alcove Shelving Unit  cost £539

Image result for pelham alcove shelving

Use Your Accessories

 Funky metallic vases, cups or even candle holders make great homes for pens and stationery. Wicker or straw baskets add texture and interest to a decor scheme and are fantastic for keeping extra throws or cushions looking neat and tidy. There are endless ways to spice up your storage using cheap and cheerful accessories. Basically if it’s hollow, you can put something in it! Just make sure not to go overboard and add to the clutter even more. Choose a few key pieces that suit both your style and storage needs.

Image result for furniture link wicker baskets

De clutter your bedroom

As living spaces get smaller, clutter can become even more overwhelming. You may not realise it, but it can take its toll on you mentally.

It’s often said that you should find a space for everything, but as you look around your home you may wonder where you’ll fit everything you want to keep. Thankfully, storage options are getting more efficient and sometimes even serving dual purposes.

As we have been discussing their have been some of the clever storage options that are available right now. We particularly like the Jutzler Swiss made wardrobes, which let you design your own storage solution, and beds that double as ample storage space. A number of storage options are outlined in our instore video, covering rooms all around the house and a variety of different needs. So please pop in and take a look at the home storage solutions video fromIdeal Furnishings, and if you have any additional questions or you’d like to browse our other storage furniture available..

Image result for jutzler

Please Call in-store today...




June 18, 2016

Silentnight Beds Now In Stock (Guernsey's Sole Stockist)

Quality bed solutions for all the family to ensure a great night’s sleep for your little ones, growing ones and us older ones too...

About the Silentnight mattresses

One of the most important elements of a restful night's sleep is making sure that you have the right mattress. The Silentnight bed company pride them selves on producing durable, supportive mattresses for all bed and body types, built to the highest quality and rigorously tested to ensure total comfort all night long.

What makes a Silentnight mattress so good?

The secret to sleep comfort lies in the different elements of your mattress all working in harmony with your body.  At Silentnight they utilise & target the support and pressure relieving fillings to create strong, durable mattresses that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Here at Ideal Furnishings we understand that what's comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another. Because our bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, the kind of support we need while sleeping can vary considerably.

So why not pop into try out our new Silentnight Collection.

 Which 1200

February 02, 2016


Another successful year at the established & most important furniture show in the calendar. The NEC was filled with all the major names in the business & we thought we would show you a few of the designs that will be arriving soon.


The simplicity and two-tone style of the Townsend Weathered Oak & Soft Grey Range stood out from the crowd. The understated pieces within this range are finished in a warm weathered oak and soft grey paint, which makes it perfect for a contemporary styled home. Offering comfort, style and practicality, the Townsends Weathered Oak & Soft Grey Range by renowned manufacturer Bentley Designs is not one to be missed. 



The Slumberland Tempo mattress offers a truly sumptuous sleep. Featuring an exquisitely deep layer of pure comfort: you may find it a struggle to get out of bed in the mornings!

The Tempo Mattress is an all-foam mattress constructed from 27cm of responsive Affinity Foam, that contours to your unique movements throughout night. This revolutionary material helps to relieve niggling aches and pains whilst reducing pressure points for deeper, more restful sleep.

Finished with a luxuriously soft-touch Affinitex knitted cover, the Tempo provides enhanced breathability and freshness as you sleep. Featuring Actipro within the mattress cover, this clever anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic technology works to ensure that you sleep peacefully, night after night.



A simply stunning range of seating, with clean lines and timeless design by Terence Conran, the 59th Street collection is quite compact in stature but never-the-less comfortable with foam and fibre filled separate seat and back cushions. The well-balanced design is both elegant and contemporary and the fixed cover has a piped edge detail giving a classy, tailored look which further defines its linear qualities. The 59th Street chaise lounge, as with the whole 59th Street range, is complimented perfectly with sleek, chrome finished steel strip ski feet, on which pieces from 59th Street appear to float on.

We have lot's more arriving so keep posted we will update you as they arrive.


October 12, 2015


Sports Therapy mattresses are designed for anyone with an active lifestyle from the Sports Professional to the health conscious. In the heart of every Sports Therapy mattress is a cleverly constructed multi zone foam unit, this foam with its individual castellated comfort cells creates air channels which enhances ventilation, airflow and cools the mattress, promoting therapeutic sleep,  aiding and refreshing sports pains and aches,  alleviating pressure points

Recent Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - see what some professional sports people have to say!



James Sykes


James Sykes

“I can honestly say it is the comfiest bed I have ever slept on and it has helped massively with my recovery and making sure my body gets the rest it needs to give a 100% day after day.

“I really appreciate how good it is when I have to go and stay in hotels and compare them to Sports Therapy!” 

James Sykes
Professional Cricketer / Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Dan Greaves

Dan Greaves

A Paralympic gold medal for team GB discus thrower, Dan Greaves, was a product of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Along with a vigorous training programme and carefully balanced diet, giving his body the best chance to recover after training is vital to Dan’s athletic success.

With a Sports Therapy mattress, Dan Greaves gets a restful, restorative night’s sleep each night and wakes on top form day after day.

Dan Greaves
Team GB discus thrower

Sophie Hosking

Sophie Hosking

“Sleeping on my Sports Therapy mattress has made a huge difference to the condition that my back is in.  You spend a large part of your life lying on a mattress, so it is vital to ensure it gives your body the right support. The mattress helps me ensure a restful and peaceful night sleep so I am fully recovered for the next day. I would fully recommend the Sports Therapy mattress.”

Sophie Hosking
Former Team GB rower

Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson

‘Having recently moved house, I was looking for a new mattress that would help me get the best possible sleep – vital for all professional athletes. It is perfect for this and has already led to better sleep and is helping my body to recover during rest. I would highly recommend it to other athletes.'

Anthony Watson
International rugby player

Dame Sarah Storey

Dame Sarah Storey

Sarah comments “The Sports Therapy mattress provides an incredible sleep experience with all the comfort for a 'I don't want to get up' feeling and all the practical attributes of never overheating and being supportive to the entire length of your body. It is so relaxing it feels as though you are floating.”

 Dame Sarah Storey DBE
Great Britain’s most versatile and successful Paralympians in history having won 11 gold, eight silver and three bronze medals across an impressive six Paralympic Games

Dan Hodgson

Dan Hodgson

“Since I started using my Sports Therapy mattress, my quality of sleep has improved massively. The comfort and support it provides allows me get to get to sleep quicker helping me wake up fresher, with less soreness in my back and legs after a long day in the field. I wish I could take it to away games with me!"

Dan Hodgson
Wicket-keeper and right-handed batsman / Yorkshire County Cricket Club

To see what we have on offer, please click the link:







September 02, 2015

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Do you find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep? Do ever feel uncomfortable or overheated upon waking, or have aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, back or hips? These are telltale signs that your mattress is not right for your body. Many people don’t realise that their mattress has a major effect on the length and quality of their sleep, and we all know that a good night’s sleep is key to staying healthy. A new mattress can reduce aches and pains, stop you overheating, and generally improve your sleep – but how are you to know which mattress is right for you?

The Kaymed SleepSpa collection has a range of different mattresses that can help you harness the restorative power of sleep. Although each model is built in a specific style with different materials, the range is designed to offer three key benefits to the user, which can drastically improve the quality of your sleep.

Body Responsive Materials

The Kaymed SleepSpa mattress collection uses materials that respond to the movement of your body throughout your sleep. Their patented foams and gels mould to the contours of your body, whichever way you sleep. These innovative sleep technologies are scientifically proven to ease the pressure on your body, make you more comfortable, and improve the quality of your sleep.

Stop Aches and Pains

These unique body responsive materials are proven to reduce the aches and pains associated with sleeping on unsuitable mattresses. Traditional mattresses can cause pressure peaks to build during the night, normally around the neck, back, shoulders, and hips, which can cause aches and pains, restrict circulation and halt muscle recuperation. The Kaymed SleepSpa range stops these problems in their tracks by evenly distributing your weight and pressure around your body, ensuring a better night’s sleep, and an ache-free morning.

Temperature Regulation

The mattresses in the Kaymed SleepSpa collection also work to regulate your body temperature, and stop you from overheating during the night. Each model in the range has its own method of temperature regulation, all of which improve circulation and increase airflow. This helps you maintain a natural temperature throughout your sleep, ensuring you don’t wake up prematurely due to overheating.

The Kaymed SleepSpa mattress comes in three different types, each with their own different kind of comfort. Using their unique, patented technologies, Kaymed have been able to design a mattress range like no other. Let’s take a closer look at each of the different types available.


This revolutionary sleep system uses a unique three-cell structure to disperse weight and pressure, creating a more comfortable sleeping experience. The K3Gel cubes are made from only natural oils and minerals, and are designed to respond to your body throughout your sleep, adjusting the shape of the mattress in accordance with how you move. They also create airpockets within the mattress, which regulate your body temperature by increasing air circulation throughout your sleep.

The K3Gel mattress is the ideal fit for anyone who suffers from pins and needles or back pain on waking, or for people that tend to overheat in their sleep. It is designed to facilitate a cooling, comfortable sleep, which massages your body into relaxation. K3Gel is patented by Kaymed, so you will only find this innovative mattress system in their collection.


Using patented iKool technology invented by Kaymed, the Clima-Gel mattress is similar to memory foam, but with the added support of MicroSupport gel beads, and is scientifically proven to be superior in a number of ways. Not only is it 12 times more breathable than memory foam, it also provides up to twice the support and works in both hot and cold temperatures to regulate body heat and keep you comfortable. It also responds better to body movement, whilst providing more support.

If you enjoy the feeling and comfort of a memory foam mattress, but find it leads to overheating during your sleep, the Clima-Gel SleepSpa range is for you.


The Dual-Coil is not your ordinary spring mattress. Instead of using only one coil in each spring, Dual-Coil mattresses use two, thus providing more support and comfort for the sleeper. The outer coil ensures you have a comfortable sleep, whilst the inner coil supports your body. This Dual-Coil technique also means that your weight is equally distributed across the mattress, taking the pressure off your neck, back, shoulders and hips.

Coupled with the best in memory foam technology, the Dual-Coil SleepSpa range provides the support associated with memory foam alongside the responsiveness of spring mattresses. If you’re caught between a full-on memory foam mattress and the lack of support offered by traditional spring models, the Dual-Coil is the mattress for you.

Do you think a Kaymed SleepSpa mattress might be right for you? You can see our full range of Kaymed SleepSpa Collection mattresses in store or follow the link.  http://www.idealfurnishings.co.uk/collections/kaymed

July 13, 2015

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Designers Charles and Ray Eames established their long and legendary relationship with Herman Miller in 1946 with their boldly original molded plywood chairs. The aesthetic integrity, enduring charm, and comfort of the chairs earned them recognition from Time magazine as The Best Design of the 20th Century. Timecalled the design "something elegant, light and comfortable. Much copied but never bettered.

Distinctive Design
You can tell it's Eames at a glance. Lounge chair, dining chair. Both with wood or chrome-plated steel legs. Molding thin sheets of lightweight veneer into gently curved shapes gives the durable material a soft, inviting appearance. The chairs work just about anywhere—from homes and offices to schools and public areas
A Shape that Sits Well

In their search for a better way, Charles and Ray
Eames developed an innovative technique for molding plywood. The process allowed them to bend wood furniture in new directions and give hard materials a soft look
Thanks to a new proprietary process of producing fiberglass, Herman Miller is once again able to produce the Eames original 1950 Molded Fiberglass Chair safely by means of a less volatile, monomer-free “dry bind” process. Like the original shell chairs, the fiberglass finish has the same covetable surface variation and tell-tale fiberglass striation that have attracted avid vintage collectors for decades.

Available in both the arm and side chair formats in eight archival colours, the chairs can be configured with a choice of wire, dowel leg, stacking, rocker, and 4-leg bases. An array of trim, finely tailored Hopsak fabrics designed by Alexander Girard, Herman Miller’s Textile Director from 1952 to 1973, round out the collection of shell customization options, fully restoring the integrity of the original 1953 shell chair offerings. All chairs can be recycled through the Herman Miller Take Back Program. The process for making shells and the nature of fiberglass mean that each shell is unique and can possess traits such as tiny cavities in the surface, small points of lighter or darker color, or faint circular shadows where base attaches to shell.

May 07, 2015


Wow!! What a month we have had sponsoring the golf at La Grande Mare. We are now in our 4th year sponsoring the 2 day men's & ladies stableford competition. In previous years the weather has been terrible however this year it was ideal for good scores on both days. Congratulation to the overall mens winner Neil Black with 73 points & the ladies winner Ali Brown with 66 points. There was individual day winners included & well done to Rick Sallabank & Mary Bate for winning on Saturday & well done to Tim Blackburn & Paula Clark for winning on Sunday. This year there were over a 120 entrants each day. It could not of been as successful if it wasn't for all the committee at the club. Ideal furnishings would like to thank David Jeffery (men's captain), Jacqui Gallienne (ladies captain) & all the committee for all their hard efforts. Also a big thank you to all the groundsmen."The course was in great condition".  The competition is getting stronger & stronger each year & we are looking forward to sponsoring again in 2016. 

Neil Black overall winner 2015

Neil playing off 6 handi cap showed his class in the 2 day event & obviously was picked for the La Grande Mare Hampshire 7's team. Which moves us on nicely to say that Ideal Furnishings is now in a 3 year deal to be the main sponsor for the team. The team have played there first match & give them there due they all went out with great support behind them on a terrible windy/rainy morning & won 4-3 against L'Ancresse Golf Club. They are now into the Bailiwick final against either Royal Guernsey or Alderney Golf Club. We will keep you posted. Good luck team & lets hope for more success. 


 Memorable pictures from the day.